Urban Trek 1 - Guided San Francisco Sightseeing Tours.
Walking tours are combined with public transit to see sights in more detail than a bus tour alone.

Ferry Building (1:01 mins)

  Chinatown (1:03 mins)

Lafayette Park (1:00 min)

North Beach (1:01 mins)

Meeting Place and Time:
Next to the painting across from the San Francisco Visitor Information Center entrance located at 900 Market Street, on the lower level of Hallidie Plaza, next to the cable car turntable at Market & Powell Streets. Take the escalator (by the cable car turntable) down to the lower level. Meeting time will be 9:30 am.

Included with price of the Urban Trek
  • An Urban Trek Leader with informative commentaries about the sites you will visit.

Not included with price for the Urban Trek
  • Cost of fare for Muni  Estimated cost for entire Urban Trek is $8.25 to $11.00 ($4.05 to $5.40 for seniors, 65 years old, and minors, under 18 years old). Note: Best to purchase $5 bus day pass via the Muni Mobile app.
  • Cost of meals and snacks during the Urban Trek. Trekkers are free to choose where to have a meal within the boundaries of the trek vicinity. Meals can cost from $10 to $25 depending on the place the trekker chooses. There will be a variety of places to choose from.

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(Note: If the reservation page does not come up, please e-mail anton@urbantrekusa.com. Reservations are not guaranteed without a confirmation number.)

San Francisco
Urban Trek 1 - Ferry Building Farmers Market, Chinatown, Pacific Heights Landmark Mansions & Victorian Houses, Cow Hollow, North Beach & Union Square

(Offered Tuesdays & Thursdays only, starts at 9:30 am and ends around 4:00 pm. At this time, all urban treks are in English only.)

Urban Trek 1 focuses on the Ferry Building Farmers Market, Chinatown as it relates to how San Francisco started to grow during the Gold Rush,  the Pacific Heights district and its grand landmark mansions and the North Beach district which is the city's "Little Italy." Learn about their history of San Francisco and experience the breathtaking views that make Pacific Heights the premier neighborhood in San Francisco and experience some of the unique neighborhoods around town. This trek also includes historical information on the Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena & Treasure Islands, Cow Hollow and North Beach. Lunch will be at (upper) Fillmore Street where there will be a variety of restaurants to choose from. As an added bonus, guests will get a brief history about the cable cars (see where the first cable car started) and other historical events that occurred in San Francisco.

Summary of points of interest included with San Francisco, Urban Trek 1:
(Click here for details)
  • Rides on Muni Metro & electric buses
  • Ferry Building and view of Bay Bridge, Yerba Buena Island and Treasure Island
  • Chinatown
    • History of San Francisco when it was just a trading port called Yerba Buena through the Gold Rush.
    • Where the first house was built
    • Where the fist cable car started
  • Pacific Heights
    • Lafayette Park
    • Landmark mansions & Victorian houses
    • City views
    • Fillmore Street – lunch break
  • Cow Hollow
    • Victorian houses converted into commercial establishments on Union Street
    • A neat neighborhood with a bunch of boutiques and restaurants
  • North Beach
    • San Francisco's "Little Italy" with lots of restaurants, bars & cafes
  • Union Square
Estimated end time will be 4:00 pm

Please note that reservations are not guaranteed until a confirmation number has been provided to you.


Cash only, collected during the Urban Trek.

*Discounts apply for two or more Urban Treks.

Urban Trek USA is a smoke-free urban trek.

Dogs are not allowed unless the dog is a service dog for the blind and must be disclosed at the time of making a reservation.

Shopping or browsing at stores is NOT part of the urban trek except for certain designated areas when a specific amount of time is set aside for you to be on your own. Please send an e-mail to anton@urbantrekusa.com if you have any questions.

View from Pacific Heights

View from North Beach

The Urban Trek for San Francisco is done in a way to make it as easy as possible for anyone to complete the Urban Trek. Most walks are done at a normal pace for approximately 20 minutes before a rest period. Uphill walks are made as infrequent as possible. However, most parks are atop a small hill to get the benefit of the best views of the City. Lunch break is about an hour to give the group time to enjoy a relaxing meal. Most stops have public rest rooms available.

What to bring for the Urban Trek
  • Exact Muni fare ($2.75 each ride for adults, $1.35 for those under 18 years old and seniors 65 years old and older). The Muni fare for the entire urban trek will be approximately $8.25 to $11.00 for adults. Best to purchase $5 bus day pass via the Muni Mobile app.
  • Money for snacks and/or a meal.
  • Your mobile/cell phone, if you have one.
  • Snack or fruit in case you get hungry before lunch.
  • Sunscreen and a small bottle of water.
What to wear for the Urban Trek
  • Comfortable and sensible walking shoes because there will be a lot of walking.
  • Dress in layers. San Francisco weather can vary greatly from morning to afternoon and from neighborhood to neighborhood. You can remove or add a layer as needed. A hooded sweatshirt will be your best friend.
Other helpful tips
  • Have a good breakfast before the Urban Trek
  • Anything you carry should not be too heavy that it will become a burden over the duration of the Urban Trek.
Physical requirements
To be able to complete the Urban Trek for San Francisco, you must be in good enough physical condition to do all of the following without assistance:
  • Walk at a normal pace for at least 20 minutes before resting.
  • Walk uphill (10-18% grade) for at least 1 city block.
  • Walk down stairs.
  • Must be at least 18 years old. Minors should be accompanied by an adult.

 Detail of Urban Trek – San Francisco #1

  • We will meet at 9:30 am next to the painting across from the San Francisco Visitor Information Center entrance located at 900 Market Street, on the lower level of Hallidie Plaza, next to the cable car turntable at Market & Powell Streets. Take the escalator near the GAP store and cable car turntable down to the lower level.
  • After a brief orientation, we will take the Muni Metro from the Powell Street station to the Embarcadero station. The Trek Leader will explain the Muni Metro system so you will be familiar with how to take it on your own.
  •  Upon exiting the Embarcadero station, we will proceed to the Ferry Building. Along the way the Trek Leader will tell you about the great earthquake and fire of 1906 and show you where the California Street cable car station is located. At the Ferry Building, there will also be information about the Bay Bridge, Treasure Island, and Yerba Buena Island which will be in view from the Ferry Building. You will have 20 minutes on your own to look around the Ferry Building. (Click here for link to photos) (Click here for link to videos)
  • We will then walk through the Embarcadero Center. The Trek Leader will give some information about this complex.
  • We will then take a Muni electric bus to Chinatown.
  • In Chinatown, in addition to seeing one of the city's famous attractions, the focus will be on the history of how San Francisco started as a trading village called Yerba Buena and how the city grew during the Gold Rush where Chinatown is today. Also, since the first cable car started in the area, you will see where the first cable line started and learn the history of the cable car. 
  • We will then take a Muni electric bus to Pacific Heights. Along the way, we will pass Nob Hill where the Fairmont Hotel and Grace Cathedral can be seen.
  • The first stop in Pacific Heights is Lafayette Park. This park offers one of the best views of the City. On a clear day, we will be able to see Twin Peaks, Alcatraz Island, Angel Island, Nob Hill, and San Francisco Bay among other things. The Trek Leader will give a brief history on how the City expanded westward. There will be a short break to take photos. (Click here for link to photos) (Click here for link to videos)
  • Before we leave the park, the Trek Leader will tell an interesting story about the first mansion you will see and the woman who used to own it. After that we will walk through the neighborhood and see more mansions. The Trek Leader will give information about two other famous houses along the way. You will also see a bunch of well-maintained Victorian houses around the neighborhood and get a brief description of the different types of Victorian houses.
  • At approximately 12:30 pm, we will reach Fillmore Street were we will enjoy our lunch break. Our lunch break will be about an hour to also give time to enjoy the atmosphere of this neighborhood.
  • After lunch, we will take a short Muni bus ride to a location for a photo opportunity where, on a clear day, you will have a fabulous view of San Francisco Bay, the Marina and Golden Gate Bridge. This view is most likely the primary reason homes sell for millions of dollars in this area. You will also see one of grandest mansions in Pacific Heights and also the house used in the movie, "Mrs. Doubtfire."
  • We will walk to the Cow Hollow area. At Cow Hollow, we will walk on Union Street where we will see old Victorian houses that have been transformed into commercial establishments: boutiques and restaurants.
  • We will then take a Muni bus to North Beach, San Francisco's "Little Italy," where there are a bunch of restaurants, bars and cafes. After walking around the neighborhood where you will see the oldest bar in the city and the area's "red light" district.

  • We will then take our last Muni bus to Union Square. On the way, the bus will pass through Chinatown's market area where you will see the daily hustle and bustle that goes on there on a daily basis.

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